The musician turns social media conversations into a song, and internet users are amazed by this

After social media artist Yashraj Mukhate became a sensation overnight, a Canadian singer-songwriter Lubalin also went viral on the internet, turning social media conversations into a song. Lubalin made a song of a conversation on Facebook that left Internet users in divisions. The video was originally distributed on TikTok and garnered over 9 million views there. Subsequently, Lubalin shared the video on his Instagram and Facebook pages.

Lubalin’s first song is an unusual conversation about buying two beds. Sharing the video on Instagram, he wrote: “I did a tiktok yesterday and it exploded a little (over 9 million views) I thought I would share it here too … #thsnks”.

The post being distributed, the video accumulated over 6.5 lakhs on Instagram and a series of reactions. One user commented: “Now I lost my number every time I watched this, I cried laughing and shared them with family and friends. The best of 2020 !!! You are super talented! I listen to your music, but this is a banger lol thsnks ….. ”. Another user commented: “Absolute masterpiece. It’s my ringing tone, because yesterday I can’t stop listening to it. “

Another of Lubalin’s songs is based on a conversation between two women named Caroline and Helen about a recipe. As his facial expressions blew the internet, the musician remembered the day he only had 400 followers on Instagram as he wrote, “Anotha one! Remember 7 days ago when we had 400 followers? “.

Now, Lubalin has 13,200 followers on Instagram and 26,000 followers on Twitter.

The second video of the musicians attracted as much attention as the previous one. Netizens praise Lubalin for these amazing songs. One of them commented: “Never stop this man! I would start the drama for you just so you can turn it into a song lol ”. Another comment on his post says, “You’re the only reason I don’t delete IG. With great power comes a great responsibility. ” A third comment says, “I need one every week. Thanks a lot “

The songs are widely shared on various social platforms, provoking several reactions.

Earlier, Yashraj created the “Rasode Mein Kaun Tha” jingle that took the country by storm. It is still distributed on various social platforms.