The new leak of the Apple iPad – and it could have a new feature

It seems fair to say that Apple’s iPad range has become a bit confusing in recent months. A new Air has arrived, almost identical to the Pro (both in design and power), while the base 10.2-inch model has received a slightly overwhelming update, almost indistinguishable from its predecessor. Do you keep up? Good – because it seems that the range of Apple tablets is about to become even more crowded.

A new leak shared on Twitter (below) suggests that Apple is working on a new 10.5-inch iPad to replace the current 10.2-inch model early next year. But while it will undoubtedly have improved internal features, it looks like there will be only one surprise feature: the price. Could it become the cheapest new entry in our list of drawing tablets?

If the initial price of $ 299 is said to be correct, it will make the new entry-level tablet the cheapest iPad ever launched by Apple (the current 10.2-inch iPad starts at $ 329/329 GBP). Even if it doesn’t have the same impressive full-screen design as the new iPad Air, we’re sure an iPad under $ 300 would be extremely popular. It could be the perfect choice for creatives who want to run the best applications for designers on a budget.

The 10.2-inch iPad may receive an update (Image credit: Apple)

Speaking of design, the other interesting detail from the same leaker is that the new iPad will have a 10.5-inch screen in a “thinner and lighter design.” The latest 10.5-inch iPad was the 2019 iPad Air 3 – and once the Air 4 adopts the Pro design, will the next entry-level iPad probably borrow the same design as the Air 3? (I told you things are getting confusing).