The new Space Memorabilia mission on the ISS will allow you to literally own “Diamonds in the Sky”

The price of these diamonds starts at USD 2,500 (Rs 1,87,320) for an excellent 0.3 carat cut stone. Credits: Space Collective

The Space Collective, a space souvenir dealer, will fly diamonds out of the orbital complex for at least six months and bring them back to Earth.

Taking the metaphor of stars as real diamonds, The Space Collective, a space souvenir dealer, has announced its latest “Space Diamonds” offer. Under this project, the diamonds will be transported outside the orbital complex for at least six months by a spacecraft. After their successful orbit, the diamonds will be picked up and packed aboard the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft for their return to Earth. The Space Collective said that these diamonds, which will return to Earth after orbiting the planet, will have a high value. In a press release, the organization said that while the grading of diamonds does not usually take into account distances traveled, owners of flown space diamonds can boast that their prized possession has traveled about 1,905 km around the planet about 6,000 times. The Space Collective also mentioned that each diamond is laser engraved for authentication purposes.

Promoting his future mission, Richard Garner, owner of The Space Collective, said: “Give the gift of the stars a genuine space diamond, which is scheduled to be launched into space by the International Space Station in October 2022!” Space Diamonds will be part of The Space Collective’s sixth payload, which will be launched to the space station in partnership with Aegis Aerospace. The space and technology company operating the Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE) platform was originally a NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) payload that was deployed from the space shuttle. MISSE has now been marketed to enable Aegis customers to introduce and work on new technologies as easily as possible.

Buyers interested in The Space Diamonds can visit The Space Collective website where they have a selection of diamonds for sale to choose from. The price range for these diamonds starts from USD 2,500 (Rs 1,87,320) for an excellent 0.3 carat cut stone to Rs 45,000 (Rs 33,771,764) for a 2 carat stone. The price of the diamond includes space taxes. Space diamond orders can be placed until April 1, 2022. Diamond owners will also receive flight documentation and mission photos.

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