The search for the Indonesian submarine with 53 people missing continues

Jakarta: The Indonesian military said Wednesday that a submarine had gone missing off the island of Bali. 53 people came in the submarine and are involved in the Indonesian Navy search operation.

Took help from Singapore and Australia

Army chief Hadi Jahjanto said the KRI Nangag 402 submarine was participating in a training exercise on Wednesday when it went missing. He said the submarine had disappeared into the waters about a kilometer north of Bali. The navy has deployed a number of ships, including ships, in search of the submarine, Jahjanto said, adding that Singapore and Australia have also asked for help. Who have a submarine support ship.

The submarine caused 53 people to go missing

Local media reports said the navy believed the submarine sank to a depth of 700 meters above sea level. No information is available on how the submarine went missing. The submarine was allowed to dive and has not been contacted since, the defense ministry said in a statement. He said the helicopter later spilled oil at the spot where the submarine was diving into the sea. It said the submarine had 49 crew members, its commander and three gunners.

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The submarine has been in service since 1981

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Built in Germany, the submarine has been in service in Indonesia since 1981. Preparations were under way for a missile launch exercise to be held on Thursday. The army chief and other senior military officers were to join the exercise. The Indonesian navy currently has five submarines and plans to increase that number to eight by 2024. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. There are about 1,000,000 islands, and in recent years Natuna Island has faced many maritime challenges involving many Chinese ships.