The Supreme Court asked the Center – what is the national plan for Kovid, sent a notice

India ranks first in the world in corona case.

Coronavirus in India: Amid rising cases of corona virus in the country, the Supreme Court has taken cognizance of the current status of Covid-1 of

New Delhi. Amid rising cases of coronavirus in the country, the Supreme Court itself took cognizance of the current status of Covid-1. Following the hearing, the court sent a notice to the Central Government. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta told the Supreme Court today that the country is in dire need of oxygen. The Supreme Court automatically took cognizance of the issue of oxygen supply and essential medicines. The court will hear the case tomorrow, CJI SA Bobade said.

A three-judge bench of the apex court headed by CJI SA Bobade asked or asked Solicitor General Tushar Mehta to prepare and submit a national plan on Kovid.

The Supreme Court wants a national policy on these cases

The apex court has said that the hearing of six different high courts on issues related to Kovid-1 could create a kind of confusion. The Supreme Court is seeking a national policy on the supply of oxygen, essential medicines and methods of vaccination.

In one day, there are 14.1 lakh patients in Kovid-1 in India

The number of infected patients rose to 1,59,30,965 on Thursday, with the highest number of patients in Kovid-1 of more than 14,114 lakh on Thursday. This is the highest incidence of corona virus in any country in the world. At 8 am, according to the latest figures from the Union Ministry of Health, 14,1,8 infections have been reported in the last two hours, while 2,104 patients have died so far in 1,84,6577 deaths. Epidemic

The number of patients undergoing treatment for the 43rd day in a row has also increased to 22,1,28,288 which is 1 14. 148 per cent of the total cases of infection. The recovery rate in Kovid-1 recovery in the country is 84.46 percent. The number of people recovering from the infection has risen to 1,34,54,880. Mortality is 1.16 percent.

In August last year, Kovid-1 cases in India had crossed the 20 lakh mark. This was followed by 30 lakh on August 23, 40 lakh on September 5 and 50 lakh on September 16. On September 2, the global epidemic was more than 1 lakh lakh, on October 11 lakh lakh lakh, on October 2 lakh lakh lakh lakh lakh lakh, on November 20 lakh lakh lakh lakh lakh lakh lakh lakh lakh lakh lakh lakh lakh lakh crore. The number of infected people then crossed 1.50 crore on April 19.