The Supreme Court asks the Center for a national plan for the supply of oxygen, vaccination as the Covid-19 crisis reaches its peak

The Supreme Court heard on Thursday the current motivation of the Covid-19 situation in the country, including the supply of oxygen and essential medicines, vaccination, blocking, etc. and called on the Center to present a national plan for the management of Covid-19, covering all these issues. The top court will resume the matter for hearing again on Friday.

Noting that at least six high courts are hearing issues related to the leadership of Covid-19, India’s Chief Justice SA Bobde said this creates some confusion and diversion. The IJC said the high court wants to issue an opinion on a national plan that includes four issues: the supply of oxygen, the supply of essential medicines, the method and method of vaccination and the power to declare blockages.

“The skies will not fall”: Court blames SOS Center in Delhi hospitals for oxygen

“We, as a court, want to consider certain issues on its own grounds. We find that there are 6 higher courts – Delhi, Bombay, Sikkim, Madhya Pradesh, Calcutta and Allahabad. They exercise their jurisdiction in their own interest. We appreciate this. But it creates confusion and diversification of resources, “said the IJC.

The development comes before the hearing of the high court in Delhi of a case related to the supply of oxygen from the hospitals in the Capital, scheduled at 15:00. Hearing a petition filed by Max Healthcare on Wednesday, the Delhi high court wondered why the Center does not redirect oxygen from the oil and steel industries for medical requirements when companies do so.

“We don’t care, we beg, borrow, steal or requisition new plants if you want,” said judges who asked the Center to provide oxygen for Covid-19 treatment.

Since February, the situation of Covid-19 in the country is constantly deteriorating. On Thursday, India recorded 3.14 lakh of new infections, which is the highest daily increase recorded in any country. Lack of beds, oxygen made the situation worse and many states announced blockades.