The Supreme Court asks the Center for Oxygen, the Vaccination Plan, says the National Emergency

States quarreled with the center or other states over oxygen and other supplies

New Delhi:

The Supreme Court asked to see a “national plan” on oxygen supply, essential medicines and vaccination method and issued a notification to the center in one day India recorded the world’s largest increase in Covid cases – 3.14 cases lakh and over 2,000 deaths in one day.

“We want to see the national plan on this issue,” said India’s Chief Justice SA Bobde. The hearing will take place tomorrow.

The Supreme Court came into question at one point, six courts across the country are hearing related petitions involving the oxygen, bed and antiviral drug Remdesivir crisis in hospitals.

“We want to know. Regarding the four aspects related to the oxygen supply, the supply of essential medicines, the method and the way of vaccination and we want to keep the power to declare the blockade with the states,” the chief judge said.

“We want to know his motivation for certain issues, we find six high courts – Delhi, Bombay, Sikkim Madhya Pradesh, Calcutta and Allahabad. It is now exercising its jurisdiction in the best interests of the public. But what happens is a kind of confusion and diversion. of resources. “

In a separate hearing on Vedanta’s petition to open a closed copper plant in Tamil Nadu for oxygen production, Judge Bobde noted that “the current situation is like a national emergency.” For three days, the Delhi High Court has heard urgent requests for oxygen and other resources from the city government and various hospitals in the city.

Two emergency hearings at the Delhi High Court ended last night after an oxygen tank went to a hospital of the Max group, the largest chain of hospitals in the city, which approached the court pleading for help because he was almost without oxygen for his Covid patients.

The High Court expressed “shock and dismay” at the government’s handling of the oxygen crisis and instructed the Center to “beg, borrow, steal” but provide sufficient oxygen for hospitals.

“The citizen can only fall on the state. It is the responsibility of the government. I ask … to borrow … or steal, it is your job,” the court said.

“How is the government so indifferent to the reality on the ground? You can’t make people die from lack of oxygen. You take your sweet time alone and people die.”

In the country’s growing health crisis, with resources and infrastructure stretched to the brim, states have quarreled with the center or other states over supplies of oxygen, vaccines and medicines.

On Thursday, India reported 314,835 new infections, the highest daily number in the world and a record 2,104 deaths in 24 hours.