This is JIO’s new plan for less than Rs 100, Reliance Jio will get the benefit of data and call users.

In the Corona era, people used mobile internet at home. In such a scenario, telecom companies also launched many affordable schemes for the convenience of the users. Today we are going to talk about Reliance Jio’s affordable plans, which cost less than Rs 100. But these plans will allow users to access data and unlimited calling.

Reliance Jio has provided many affordable 4G data vouchers to its users. Priced at Rs 11, Rs 21, Rs 51 and Rs 101 respectively. The cost of these plans is undoubtedly low, but many benefits are being offered to the users.

Rs 11 plan

Speaking of Reliance Jio’s Rs 11 plan, it is offering users 800 MB of data. There are also 75 minutes available for calling. Which users can use to make calls to other networks from Geo.

Rs 21 plan

In the Rs 21 voucher, users will get unlimited 2 GB data facility. Also, Geo will be given 200 minutes to make calls to other networks. Users can take advantage of unlimited calling from Jio to Jio.

Rs 51 plan

Reliance Jio users can also buy an affordable plan for Rs 51. The plan offers 6GB of unlimited data. Not only that, users will also get 500 minutes to make calls from Geo on other networks.

The plan offers 12 GB of unlimited data. In addition, 1000 minutes are available for making calls. Networks that can take advantage of Jio to make calls to other networks.