This is the smallest amount of money you need in your bank account if you plan to visit the country

Thailand is now receiving tourists from all countries, including India, after being closed for more than 6 months. Over the years, Thailand has been one of the most popular holiday destinations and, according to the official 2019 issue, Bangkok has been the most visited city, with 38 million tourists visiting the country. But because of the pandemic, the country has closed all its borders to contain the spread of the virus. Thailand, officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand, has followed all COVID-19 safety guidelines. Now, the Thai government has announced a special tourist visa (STV) system for all travelers. Read also – The world’s highest post office in Himachal Pradesh is hit by COVID-19

According to the Special Tourist Visa, you can now stay in Thailand for 90 days and you can even extend your stay twice and stay for up to 9 months. Now, if you plan to visit the country, you need to consider a certain point before heading to your next adventure. Read also – Good news for COVID debt doctors! SC suggests giving them breaks to work continuously

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Well, the Special Tourist Visa is definitely dreamy in its own way, because you can stay in the amazing country for 90 days and you can even extend your stay twice. But this visa has certain terms and conditions, STV costs 2,000 THB, which is about Rs 4,895. There are several, you need to provide evidence of substantial funds, according to Conde Nast Traveler. The Thai Royal Consulate in Mumbai says that if you are heading to Thailand, then you should have at least 2,04,003 THB i.e. Rs 5,000,000 (in person) in your bank account to qualify.

And if you plan to pack your bags for short trips or weekend getaways, then it seems like a distant dream so far. Currently, the country respects strict quarantine rules, in which tourists must follow a 14-day quarantine at a hotel on arrival. A tourist will have to secure a long-term residence in Thailand, be it hotel reservations, rental agreement or property documents on the condominium, according to the Conde Nast report.

People traveling to Thailand will have to submit a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours of arrival, and passengers will have to take a second test once they land.