Top YouTube, Top Trending Videos and Music List for Carrie Minati in 2020

YouTube has listed the top 10 trading videos, music videos and YouTube content creators for the year 2020. The person from India who has agreed on YouTube this year is Ajay Nagar alias ‘Carrie Minati’. Yes, Carrie Minati was in the spotlight this year for roasting Indian ticket manufacturers. Carrie Minati has topped the list of top Indian YouTubers in India this year. Although Carrie’s YouTube vs. Tick Talk: End End has gone viral on YouTube, the video was soon removed from YouTube due to YouTube’s Terms of Service violation. However, after that ‘Stop Making Assumption | | YouTube vs. Tick Talk: The End ‘video has emerged as the top trending YouTube video. Speaking of music videos, Badshah’s song ‘Genda Phool’ is number one among the top music videos on YouTube this year.

YouTube has released the first 10 charts for the year 2020, which include the best YouTubers and top trending YouTube videos. We have brought top Indian charts especially for Indian users. Including top Indian YouTubers, top business videos and music videos etc. Is a list of. As we mentioned, the year 2020 has been named Carminati as the top commercial video and top YouTube content creator. Carrie Minati by Carminati – Stop Assuming | YouTube vs. Tick Talk: End Video has been the most traded video on YouTube this year. However, at number ten in the list of these Indian videos is Tarak Mehta Ka Olta: Chashmah – Tapu proposed to Sonu on Valentine’s Day! Is part of 2933. But BB’s Valleys – BB’s Vinyls- | Angry Masterji – Part 15 Video ranks 9th on this list.

Let’s look at these lists –

YouTube’s Top Trade Videos in India

1. Carimity – Stop Assuming | YouTube v Tick Talk: End
2. JKK Entertainment – Chhotu Dada with Tractor “Chhotu Dada Tractor Wala” Khandesh Hindi Comedy | Short comedy video
3. Make a joke – make a joke || MJO || – Lockdown
4. TRT Ertugrul by PTV – Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu | Part 1 | Season 1
B. Bristy Home Kitchen – Chocolate cake without eggs, oven, flour in lock-down only 3 ingredients | Chocolate cake made of 3 items.
6. ETV Dhi – Pandu Performance | The Champions | 5 August 2020 | ETV Telugu
7. Round 2 Hell – Time Freeze | Round 2 Hell | R2H
8. Ashish Chanchalani Valley – Office Examination and Gluten Ashish Chanchalani
9. BB’s Valley – BB’s Valley- | Angry Masterji – Part 15 |
10. Tarak Mehta Ka Olta: Chashma: – Tapu proposes to Sonu on Valentine’s Day! | Latest Episode 2933 | Tarak Mehta ka Olta: Chashmah

Top YouTube makers in India

1. Cariminati
2. Total gaming
3. Techno gamers
4. JKK Entertainment
As. Ash Chanchalani Valley
6. Round 2 Hell
7. Tantric Guruji
8. Cooking Shooting Hindi
9. Desi gamers
10. Mild

Top breakout makers in India

1. Cariminati
2. Total gaming
3. Techno gamers
Des. Desi gamers
The. Mild
6. Lokesh Gamer
7. Legend
8. Khan GS Research Center
9. Ayesha
10. Helping the gamer

Top YouTube Music Videos in India

1. King – Unicorn flower Jacqueline Fernandez | Payal Dev | Official Music Video 2020
2. Moto (official video) | Ajay Hooda | Dilir Kharkia | Anjali Raghav | Latest Haryanvi Song 2020
#. # Alavaikunthapuramumulu – Buttabomma Full Video Song (4K) | Allu Arjun | Thaman S. | Arman Malik
4. Sumit Goswami – Emotions | Khatri Deepesh Goyal | Haryanvi Song 2020
5. Illegal Weapons 2.0 – Street Dancer 3D Varun D, ​​Shraddha K. | Tanishq B, Jasmine Sandals, Gary Sandhu
G. Goa Beach – Tony Kakkar and Neha Kakkar | Aditya Narayan | Cat | Anshul Garg
Emi. Amway Bantai – Imway – First Mechanism (Official Music Video)
8. # Alavaikunthapuramulu – Ramulu Ramu full video song || Allu Arjun || Trivikram Thaman S.
9. Combat | Street Dancer 3D | AR Rahman, Prabhudev, Varun D, ​​Shraddha K, Tanishq b
10. B Prak: Dil Tod Ke Official Song | Rochak Kohli, Manoj M. | Abhishek S, Kashish V Bhushan Kumar