Virat Kohli: We are talking to BCCI for more clarity, Rahul bhai has started talks; Kohli turned over in South Africa tour Cricket news

MUMBAI: India captain Virat Kohli said on Thursday that he expects to get more clarity from BCCI on the next South African tour in the next two days and that he does not want to be “confused” by the appearance of the new COVID-19. variant – Omicron.
It is understood that head coach Rahul Dravid has started a conversation within the group and also keeps the players up to date with what is happening at the administrative level.
Kohli addressed the media on the eve of the second and final Test against New Zealand here on Friday.
“You want to get clarity as soon as possible, so I talked to all the senior members of the team. Obviously, Rahul bhai (Dravid) started a conversation within the group, which is very important to know,” Kohli said when was asked. about his and the team’s opinion of the tournament.
“At the end of the day, we understand, I want to say that our focus in the test match will not change regardless, but you should also know that you want to be clear and you want to be in a situation where you know exactly what is happening. ”

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There is talk of postponing the tournament or restricting the program given the panic caused by the new variant. Kohli said that in two more days everything will be clear.
“We’ve talked to the board and we’re pretty confident in a day or two or soon enough, we’ll have absolute clarity on what’s going on,” he said.
The Commander stated that these are not normal times and any decision taken should take this into account.
“Well, look, it’s pretty natural, I don’t play in normal times anyway, so there’s a lot of planning that’s involved, there’s a lot of preparation that’s involved in understanding exactly what’s going to happen.” he said.
South Africa has been hit by travel bans following the discovery of the omicron variant, even though a team from India A is currently playing a series of three first-class games in Bloemfontein.
The Rainbow Nation government has promised a safe biological bubble for Indians when they land there.
“We have to be realistic about things, we can’t just ignore things that could put you in a confusing place and no one wants to be there,” Kohli’s voice was palpable.
The seniors from India, during a mission of almost seven weeks, starting with December 17, are scheduled to play three tests, three ODIs and four T20 internationals in four places – Johannesburg, Centurion, Paarl and Cape Town.
The Indian team’s bio-bubble will start right in Mumbai, and players like Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah are ready to enter it a day or two before the scheduled departure on December 8th.
“There are players who are not part of the group at the moment, who will be quarantined to join the team in the balloon, to fly in a charter, such things.”
Kohli is hopeful that as he focuses on the New Zealand game, BCCI will tell them what he has in store for them in the future.
“… I am sure that everyone is working hard to find clarity and to provide us with the situation as it unfolds as soon as possible … as I said, our main goal right now is the second Test and the other things are taken into account at the same time. of.”
Earlier this year, India withdrew from a test match against England in Manchester due to a COVID-19 outbreak in their camp. The match has finally been rescheduled for next year.