What happened to Mushfiqur Rahim who slapped his teammate in a running match?

Mushfiqur Rahim. Bangladesh cricketer. People on social media are calling them too bad. The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has also taken stern action against Mushfiqur. Why did all this happen now? Because during the recent match, Mushfiqur was very angry with his teammate. He was also raised to be killed. The video of the incident is now going viral.

What is the whole case?

Bangabandhu T-20 Cup. The smaller format is the 20-20 cricket tournament taking place in Bangladesh. There are five teams playing in it. On December 14, two of the five teams clashed with the eliminator. That is, the losing team could not play the next match. The group in which the match took place was Beximco Dhaka and Fortune Barisal. Beximco is Dhaka captain and wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim. Batting first, the team lost eight wickets in 20 overs and scored 150 runs. Fortune had a target of 151 runs.

Fortune’s players were playing in the 17th over. He had to score 45 off 19 balls with five wickets in hand. Cricketer Afif Hussain appeared in good form. He tried to hit the last ball of the 17th over. But worse, the bat climbed the bat, but didn’t last long. Mushfiqur Rahim ran to catch the ball. Beximco’s Naseem Ahmed also stepped forward to catch. The two were moving forward looking upwards and in the meantime they bumped and survived. The ball got into Mushfiqur’s hands, but the captain still got angry. As soon as he was caught, he raised his hand to kill Nasum. Although not killed, the anger was evident. After this, Nasum, who is much younger than Mushfiqur, looked nervous. The rest of the team was seen cheering Nasum and calming Mushfiqur’s anger.

Earlier, a similar incident took place in the 13th over of the innings. According to ESPN Cricinfo, both Mushfiqur and Nasum ran to stop the ball in the 13th over, but Mushfiqur reached the ball first. Then he looked angry at Nasum.

What the BCB decided

Well, in the final, Beximco Dhaka won the match by 9 runs. But what remained in the news even after this victory was Mushfiqur’s behavior. The BCB issued a statement on Tuesday, December 15. Mushfiqur has been fined 25 per cent match fee. This has happened due to violation of Lalit BCB’s code of conduct. Also, a demerit point was added to Rahim’s disciplinary record. The issue was related to abusive behavior with the spouse. If Mushfiqur scores four or more demerit points, he will be suspended or banned for one match.

Mushfiqur apologized

By the way, Mushfiqur has apologized for his behavior through Facebook. They said

“First of all, I would like to apologize to my fans and spectators for what happened in this match. After the match, I apologized to fellow player Nasum. Second, I apologize to Almighty God. I always remember that I was a man first. What I did was totally unacceptable. Inshallah, I promise that this behavior will not be repeated on the ground or outside in the near future. ”

Celebrated before the victory in 2016

Mushfiqur Rahim is the same player who celebrated before the victory over India during the 201st World Twenty20. However, soon after the festivities, Bangladesh lost the match they had won and trolled the team heavily.

It so happened that the Bangladesh team needed 11 runs off 6 balls to win. Runs on the first ball of the over. He scored four runs in the second session and four runs in the third. Mushfiqur won the toss and elected to field. But in the ensuing balls, Bangladesh’s wickets fell and India won the match.

Watch the video:… As a result, most matches will be played at Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad.