Why is the UAE taking the ‘risk’ of mediation between India and Pakistan?

  • Shakeel Anwar
  • BBC Bengal Service

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Prince Muhammad bin Zaid, King of Abu Dhabi

The terrorist attack on Pulwama in India-administered Kashmir in February 2019 brought two nuclear powers, South Asia, India and Pakistan, very close to war. At least 40 Indian soldiers were killed in the attack.

Although there was no war, there was definitely some stability in the relations between India and Pakistan.

A few months later that year, on August 5, 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government repealed Article 370 of the Constitution and revoked the special status of Kashmir. After this incident, the already tense relations between the two countries began to deteriorate further.

But in the last two months, the ice has suddenly begun to melt. The first sign of this came on February 25 this year when an extraordinary meeting between the military officials of the two countries decided to abide by the 2003 ceasefire agreement on the Line of Control in Kashmir.