Will farmers continue to protest at the Delhi border or move elsewhere? Supreme Court hearing today – Indian news

The Supreme Court will hear on Wednesday a petition calling for the removal of farmers protesting against the laws of the Center’s border farm in Delhi.

Farmers have been protesting in Singhu and other border crossings in Delhi since November 26, demanding the repeal of the three laws passed in September.

The petition was filed by law student Rishabh Sharma and will be heard by a bench of Chief Justice SA Bobde, Judge AS Bopanna and Judge V Ramasubramanian. Sharma said in his petition that commuters are facing difficulties due to roadblocks, and the meetings could lead to an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that farmers are misled about the reforms introduced by his government in the agricultural sector. He also attacked opposition parties and farmers’ organizations.

Modi expressed surprise at the protests sparked by the reforms his government introduced in September. Some opposition parties and farmers’ unions have always called for such measures, which could not be implemented in the past, he said in Dhordo, Kutch, Gujarat.

“Farmers are misled about agricultural reforms. They are fooled into believing that others will occupy their land, “said Prime Minister Modi in Hindi. “These reforms are exactly the same ones that farmers’ organizations and even the opposition have called for over the years,” he said.

Farmers protest against the recently enacted 2020 law on trade in agricultural products and the promotion and facilitation of trade; Farmers’ Agreement (Empowerment and Protection) on Price Assurance and the Agricultural Services Act, 2020; and the Law on the Modification of Essential Products (2020).

Meanwhile, farmers’ leaders said on Tuesday they would “make” the Center repeal the three new agri-food laws in a bid to strengthen their position. The union leaders reiterated that the government should first repeal all three laws and only then can there be further discussions. Negotiations between the government and farmers’ unions have stalled after five rounds.