World War II Mother and daughter pick up a strange-looking object from the beach, it turns out to be a World War II grenade [PICS]

[PICS] World War II grenade explodes in family kitchen Photo credit: Facebook

Of all the artifacts one would like to possess from World War II, an unexploded bomb is certainly not one of them.

Unfortunately for a British mother and daughter, they had no idea that something like this would explode in their kitchen one day.

Jodie Crews and her eight-year-old daughter, Isabella, are lucky to be alive after a World War II grenade recently exploded in their kitchen.

But how did a 75-year-old bomb end up in a family kitchen? Well, mom and daughter came across the explosive as they walked along a beach near their house. Until the recent explosion, Hodie thought the object was an ancient fossil or bone.

She even shared photos of him on social media, appealing to his followers for help.

“I posted photos on fossil and archeology sites and got a lot of responses, but no one suggested it could be a grenade,” Jodie of LadBible said.

“I posted photos on fossil and archeology sites and got a lot of responses, but no one suggested it might be a grenade. One user said it was a whale vomit and asked Jodie to look at it. him to find out.

However, Jodie and her daughter soon realized that the object was much more deadly.

Jodie said her daughter screamed and ran away from the kitchen when the object turned into a “fireball.” Quite bravely, my mother grabbed the bomb and ran away from her arms before throwing it in the sink.

After that, he soaked a towel in water and threw it over the bomb to put out the fire.

Neighbors rushed to Jodie’s home and alerted emergency services. Fortunately, the mother and daughter were not injured.

“My first thought was to save my daughter, my house, my cats and my dogs. With my daughter safely in the garden, I ran upstairs to pick up the cats – we have four three-week-old kittens – and gathered the two dogs, Teegan. a border collie and Lulu a Pomeranian, ”she said.

Jodie posted pictures on Facebook of her sink and what was left of the grenade.

She wrote: “Very lucky to have everything I started with just dirt smoke … Jesus !! And I won’t pick up things from the beach from now on …”