Yujvendra Chahal and Dhanashree enjoying their honeymoon in Dubai, arriving at Fame Park, food is served

Yujvendra Chahal and Dhanshree were tied in seven phases on December 22 and now both are enjoying their honeymoon in Dubai. Where many great photographs of the two have surfaced. But recently, the video that came out is catching everyone’s attention. The two bears are seen eating bears.

Dhanashree – Yujvendra fed the bear

Yujvendra Chahal and Dhanashree, who are present in Dubai, are spending quality time with each other. Both of them are enjoying their honeymoon period. The two recently reached the famous ‘Fame Park’ from which a video of them is going viral. This video shows the two feeding the bears. Vompala shared this video from her Instagram. First You can also watch this video

In this video, Dhanashree is seen in a black dress, while Yujvendra is seen wearing a light blue shirt and white pants. In this video, both of them are not afraid of animals like bears, but they have a smile on their faces.

Christmas was celebrated with Mahendra Singh Dhoni

At the same time, Yujvendra and Dhanashree, who were present in Dubai, also came to meet MS Dhoni. Dhanashree also shared a picture of her from her Instagram account. They had a meal together and Mahi and Sakshi were also thanked for this.

Married on 22 December

Yujvendra and Dhanashree met during the lockdown this year and their love story continued. Eventually, the two decided to live together and fans shared information about their relationship while sharing their engagement photos a few months ago. The couple got married on December 22. Whose photographs were also revealed. Yuzvendra is an important part of the cricket team while Dhanashree is an excellent dancer who also runs his own dance academy.

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